Monday, June 13, 2011

Free English classes for 4 of our girls

I wanted to share some exciting news. 'STEC' Smart Tutoring English Centre, a new enterprise in Hoi An has given some sponsored places at their centre to the local NGO's. Four of our children have been given the wonderful opportunity to study English there for a year due to two organizations providing the funds for scholarships. The scholarship funds come from 'Educational International Foundation' (
and from 'Global Literacy Foundation' (

This is a very exciting and a wonderful opportunity for the children. As Hoi An is a 'tourist town' and the coast from here to Danang is being developed with one resort after another, the children will benefit from having good English when applying for work in the future.

Photos of the Nhu, Tinh, Van and Thanh are included in this blog as well of the reception area and the lovely colorful shoes outside the entrance during class time!

In Vietnam it's traditional to remove shoes before entering a room, unless you are told to leave them on which might be the case when floors are earthen or very dirty or its a large enterprise such as a supermarket. Most children are taught to take them off before entering their class room too, therefore this lovely colorful collection of shoes sitting outside the front door of the centre.

STEC is looking for local ex-pats or long term volunteers to teach English or to have English conversation with the children. If you are a local ex-pat with some free time and can help out for a few hours a week they would hugely appeciate it. Visit them at 596 Hai Ba Trung Street. It's next to a building site which is across the road from Donga Bank. See Karen Chun whose organization supports and co-funds this enterprise. Her website is

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