Friday, July 18, 2014

Free dental education and dental care for some of CEF's children

We believe our CEF children need to be healthy to do well at school. We support them to have medical care  when required, nutritional supplements and extra food when needed too. Dental problems need dealing with as well, as rotten teeth and tooth ache keep children out of school and affect their health.

Yesterday 16 of CEF's Hoi An children attended a dental clinic that was set up in Cam Ha commune in their community hall. Cam Ha is one of Hoi An's poor communes.  The clinic for the CEF children took all morning so they had to wait patiently.

We have partnered with East Meets West Dental Center to provide free dental care for all of CEF's children.  This week 16 of CEF's children had their appointments and were provided with free dental education and dental care. Over the prior days EMW also had provided free dental education and dental care for the children of Cam Ha commune.

Fillings were needed and she is not looking too happy about it (above)

Fortunately 12 of CEF's children had nothing wrong with their teeth, but one of the girls had 2 seriously decayed teeth removed and one girl needed fillings. Two other girls will need more time consuming dental treatment in the future at EMW's Dental Centre in Da Nang.

Next week CEF's children from Thang Binh and Dien Ban districts will have dental care at the center.

Thank you East Meets West Dental Centre for providing valuable and free dental education and dental care for the children!

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