Friday, July 25, 2014

What is CEF's Mentoring Program? Blog by Kim Chi, CEF's Mentoring Program Manager

Our mentoring program is quite new, but we find it exciting to be able to support CEF’s children in this way.
We support high school students, University and College students in our program. Students in their last year of high school are often confused about which subjects they should be studying in school in order to be eligible for the specific departments they want to study in at university. Whereas university and college freshmen feel like ‘fish out of water’ and require emotional and practical support to deal with all they need to take on; living, studying and finding part-time work in a totally new environment.

We provide support for the students by phone, email and especially by Facebook, as they all have Facebook. We also visit those who study in the local vicinity.
Workshops are planned and will be offered to our high school, college and university students this year. These workshops will help them understand their strengths and abilities enabling them to see realistic options they can take and the direction to move towards. We will work on interview skills, presentation skills, writing a CV, budgeting, goal setting, time management and planning.
For those who aim to work in an English-speaking environment, we will provide helpful links to English websites to help improve their English.  We will also link them to a network of volunteer English tutors overseas. This support will enable them to find good jobs in an English-speaking environment in the future.
We can already see this support is beneficial and look forward to continuing to support our students through this program and implementing the workshop this year.

Blog by Kim Chi, CEF’s Mentoring Program Manager

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