Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thai Binh Education Program and one of CEF's university graduates from last year

When CEF started Thai Binh Education Program in 2005 we started with helping 12 children; 11 girls and 1 boy. Most of these children have completed school now, or will over the next three years. 
The one boy has completed school and graduated from university last year with excellent results. He trained as a PE teacher and now has an excellent paid job at Vietnam National University. He was on a trial for a whole year and we greatly admire his determination to prove himself and to become a successful coach and referee in that year. He is thrilled, and we are with his success. 
He still stays in touch with his sponsor and sees him as a father. His last letter of this week is below.  

2006 ~ The first 12 children we helped in Thai Binh Province

Recent photo refereeing

Recent photo

Here is his last letter to his sponsor
Ha Noi, June 26th 2014
Dear G,
How are you?
I saw your bright smile in photos of your family. Your family is very cosy.
Since my graduation I’ve worked for Vietnam National University for a year. I am really pleased with my job. Although I worked for this university for a year without a salary, I have had many successes. However, I was delighted when I recently signed a new contract and now will be paid. I’m very proud of myself as my co-workers praise me. I not only tell them about you, but also share about CEF.
If you come back to Vietnam, I will invite you to visit my work place.
I wish you good health.
Your son,

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