Friday, July 25, 2014

Free dental education and dental care for more CEF children at EMW Dental Centre

21 children from our education programs in Thang Binh, Dien Ban and Hoi An received free dental education and dental care at East Meets West Central this week. 18 of them needed dental work; 14 had fillings and 6 had badly decayed teeth removed.

This is a wonderful partnership to have to help the children understand how to care for their teeth and for them to see and understand the consequences of not caring for their teeth. School time is missed when children have dental decay causing pain and some have taken time off school for emergency dental treatment.

Three of the CEF girls waiting for their turn with the dentist at EMW Dental Centre

Our goal is that all the children in our education programs in Quang Nam and Da Nang receive this education and dental care on an annual basis in the holidays so it does not disrupt their school schedule. Thanks to EMW Dental Centre this is possible!

Ngoc waiting with two of the CEF children at EMW Dental Centre

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