Monday, August 10, 2015

Our newest part-time staff member Thuy introduces herself and shares her moving story ~ Guest blog by Thuy

Hello, my name is Thuy. At the moment CEF has two staff who have the same name, so you can call me ‘Small Thuy’. I was a volunteer and have done training at CEF over the last year and now I am working as a part-time staff member.

                                                Thuy 2015

Before being a part-time staff member, I was also a child who CEF gave educational support to for 6 years. Now, I am in my final year at Quang Nam University. Like other children there, my family is also poor. 

My father died a long time ago when I and my sisters were very young. Just my mother was responsible for bringing us up. At that time, we faced many difficulties, not only material, but also spiritual because we stayed with my grandmother and my uncle’s family in their old house. 

My uncle was addicted to drugs and he was an aggressive man who beat. In addition, because of gender prejudice, my mother, me and my sisters were neglected and despised. I used to live very shut off and smiled rarely. My family thought that I and my sisters would drop out of school after graduation from grade 9. My mother couldn’t cope with all these things. 

Luckily, when I was in grade 8, the local government introduced our circumstance to CHIA (which is also a non- government organization in Hoi An) in order to provide support for me. In grade 9 CHIA helped built a small home for us with help from CEF, which was near my grandmother’s home and CEF helped with my education. Later on CEF started to help my sister with her education too.
We no longer felt anxious, as we had a separate home and I and my sisters then had a good place to study and do homework. How happy we were when we were free of our old circumstances. Since then, my life turned a new page with bright dreams and expectations. 

Linda and Thuy 2010

And many years passed quickly, I now am in my final year at Quang Nam University. I am not only going to school like friends my age, but also I am working as a CEF part-time member. 

At the beginning of my third year in university, Linda, who is director at CEF, offered me a great chance to work there. At first, I was a volunteer and recently I officially become a part-time employee. I know a certain thing; Linda could have employed another person who has many more experiences and a higher English standard than mine, however she gave me a wonderful opportunity. 

You know in our society nowadays it isn’t easy to find a job that is connected to the major subject we have studied, or work we like and that is suited to us. Moreover, there are a lot of students who have graduated from college, so there are many looking for work.

So volunteering and working at CEF is a challenging opportunity for me to improve my knowledge as well as experience. I appreciate and value this good opportunity. Although I’m actually worried that my English skills are limited and I'm afraid that Linda will be disappointed. But I try my best to finish my work. 

                                Thuy doing a student interview 2015

Growing up in an environment like mine I clearly understand the numerous and realistic values that the organization brings to a lot of poor children, especially girls. 

Furthermore I really admire Linda as well as CEF’ staff because they have overcome the geographical barrier to support poor children who are from high mountainous areas so they can access education. 

  Thuy did a trip into the mountains with staff to do interviews

                        One of the families that were interviewed in the mountains

                           Thuy with Mai-Thi and our other staff member Thuy

And since I am working at CEF, they are always willing to support and share with me many helpful things. Not only in work but also in life they offer advice which helps me mature more. All the staff are very amicable and sociable. Their enthusiasm makes me more confident in myself. Besides they are also very humorous. I smile more than before and it is here that they show me how to view life through hopeful eyes. I am getting to know so many things: my horizon is more expanded and I am accumulating more experiences. 

I am genuinely keen on doing this job and I’m always proud of being a CEF’s staff. I am grateful for you for giving me this wonderful chance to work and understand more about your significant job. 

Lastly, I would like to say thank you very much.

Small Thuy 

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