Monday, August 24, 2015

Pam talks about her role as a fundraiser for CEF ~ Guest blog by Pam (one of CEF's board in Australia)

Linda and Graeme approached me after my third visit and asked if I would be willing to join their Board of Directors (in Australia). Very humbled and secretly thrilled to bits.  Happily I accepted! I now help with fund raising for CEF.


I have some very helpful friends and family who support me selling chocolates in my work place and also in my husband’s workplace. So far I think the tally raised is around the $3000 in the last year. I do my best to spread the word and have had some significant donations. I have just got my first person on board to sponsor a child and hope to get many more. I feel good about this.

 Pam with chocolates she and friends sell to raise funds for CEF

I am now trying a new technique, ‘crowd funding’, to see whether I am able to raise funds this way.

I also create mosaic artworks which are for sale and hope to have a stall in the near future.  I have sold 2 small mosaics and a painting and have orders for mosaics in the pipe line. That should allow me to make $580 profit and give that donation to CEF. I just need the time to make them and it’s just as well I enjoy mosaicking!!!!

Two of the stunning mosaics Pam has made

Mosaic Pam is working on at present

 Fairly recently I was able to return to Hoi An again, talk to Linda about fundraising and was able to visit our girls. This year we are supporting ‘K’ through university. Sadly little ‘V’ lost her father recently. I made a promise to him that we would take care of ‘V's’ education and see her through school and we will do our utmost to honor this.

 Pam made a beautiful lotus mosaic for 'K'

 Pam also gave her old laptop to her 

And 'K' embroidered a clock for Pam, that actually works!

Thank you for reading all my blogs, and best wishes to all,

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