Monday, April 25, 2016

Helping CEF children choose a suitable subject to study at university ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Kim Chi

Part of CEF’s mentoring program is helping CEF students choose a suitable subject to study at university. We consider it very important to help our high school students with this. They will have a better life in the future after graduation if they choose a suitable subject and have a passion for it.

There are not many students who understand their abilities. We have seen some of the students we helped early on choose badly and then they had regrets after completing their course and some ended up without employment in the field they studied. This is one of the major reasons we started the mentoring program.  Although some of them know that there are many ways to get a job besides getting a university education, they unfortunately are not enthusiastic about applying for vocational training which can result in them being very employable.

To help us to see what is suitable for them we collect their school results from all their high school years and see which subjects they have been consistently good at. We also spend more time with the grade 12 students than with the younger children when we do home visits. We talk about their plans for university and what they are truly fond of. Based on their ideas, any passions they have, our life experience and the research on the internet we do, we then can consider what the most suitable subjects for them are, and where is the best place for them to study. Some dream of university but they will need to do vocational training instead due to their poor standard at school.  After much consideration we call them up and talk to them about realistic careers.  If they have no ideas of their own, which is frequently the case, we give them some ideas of suitable careers for them to consider.

At present, we are developing and adding ‘Career Development’ to the mentoring program, to provide more information and ideas for them to consider including many interesting vocational training courses.

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