Monday, April 4, 2016

CEF's Ms Ngoc writes about one of our tertiary students with pride

This is about a CEF sponsored girl that I have known for over 3 years and she is a young lady I really admire. Being born into a very poor family and suffering from the most severe emotional trauma, she has been able to overcome them and become a wonderful girl with a good education.

It was the unexpected suicide of her parents that put her into a most challenged and sad period and in that time she was very reserved, shy and did not communicate with others. Now she already has come out of her shell, has gradually gotten over her difficulties, and now enjoys her life more.

She has a passion for art and is pursuing her dream. However, when she was in grade 12, her uncle who partly supported her family and her siblings did not allow her to study art because he felt it would be hard for her to find a job later. He asked her to apply to be a kindergarten teacher; however, she was not keen on studying this. She talked to her grandparents and her uncle a lot. She tried to persuade them to give her permission to study art. It was 4 or 5 months that she kept trying to convince them and at the last minute, she was successful. They let her do what she wanted.

She passed the entrance exam and she has been studying a 3 year art course to become an art teacher. This is her last year at college and she has just finished her internship as an art teacher at a secondary school. She intends to find a job in her hometown then she will be able to live near her family.

Seeing her in her elegant 'ao dai' and going to school to teach her students I felt very proud of her although it was just her internship. She puts all her efforts into making her dream come true. I hope all of our children can see her as a good example in order to dream and pursue their dreams.

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