Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why I personally think education is important for a girl ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Ngoc

Nowadays, more and more people acknowledge the importance of education, especially for girls. Personally, I think it is significant for girls to have a full education. The more girls who have a good education, the more benefits they have and society receives.

First of all, the girls themselves benefit personally from being well educated. They have more knowledge which provides them with better choices in the future, such as being able to find good jobs after graduation. They are then able to support themselves and their family and have respected positions in society. Besides this, being well educated, they can protect themselves against trafficking and abuse. Girls are vulnerable to traffickers and a full education helps them to understand the dangers and develop skills to avoid them. In addition, they are willing and confident enough to stand up for their rights when faced with violence or sexual abuse. One more important point is that they know how to have safe sex which helps them avoid sexual diseases.

Secondly, if girls are educated, society will gain many advantages. A country which has a large number of educated girls will develop quickly and easily and be able to reduce poverty rates. Educated girls can go into business, earn their own income and make a meaningful contribution to society. Education also helps reduce the number of girls who marry young,  because they know when they are ready for marriage. They can make their own decisions.

 Unfortunately young uneducated girls often marry badly and become mothers at a very young age

In my opinion, education is the key for girls to have the best life. I have seen many cases in which girls have to suffer in terrible situations and 90% of them are uneducated. Therefore, girls should have education to have a better life, protect themselves and bring benefit to society.

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