Monday, April 30, 2018

A need for bikes ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Ngoc


It is necessary for students to have a means of transport to get to school, as is the case with our CEF children. There are several children who are living far from school and it normally takes them about 30 minutes to cycle to school. However, they are too poor to afford good bikes. They sometimes go with their friends or use very old ones which takes them longer. When they arrive at school, they are totally exhausted. For young kids whose parents cannot take them to school, they usually stand on the edge of the road and ask for a lift from people they know and don’t know.  This is a dangerous situation because they may be kidnapped or abused by those people. CEF is raising funds for 25 girls urgently in need of bikes and we believe that US$100 for one bike, with security chain and lock, light, basket, bell and helmet, not only helps girls get to school much more effortlessly and safely, but also for some, they will be able to study better as they won’t be exhausted.

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