Saturday, April 7, 2018

About two of CEF's university students from an ethnic community in Phuoc Son

This CEF second university student is studying to be a biology teacher. It has been hard for her for many reasons, such as having never lived away from home, or in a large city, Vietnamese not being her first language as she is from an ethnic community, and having to live far from her family who are in the mountains outside of Phuoc Son.
She has adapted well and each term her results have been improving. It's been a huge change for her and we are proud of her and how well she is doing considering the challenges.

Life is challenging for this CEF university student, who is determined to do whatever she can to stay in university although she has not been doing well. Her parents who have many children with three of them in school still, thought they could help support her with her living costs, but they can't. So she took a part time job working 5 hours each evening to try and make ends meet. Then she tried to study late at night after work. She got ill, spent some time in hospital and missed lectures and study.
She has now stopped the job to make sure she can care for herself more and have study time for the forthcoming exams and then will return to working part time once they are over and full time through the summer and save for the following year. CEF will provide further support for her living costs. We admire her determination to be university educated in such a challenging situation. 

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