Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Humans of Children's Education Foundation ~ 1st post ~ translated by CEF's Thuy Tran

Many of you will have seen or read Humans of New York. We are doing some posts that our CEF children have written. So here is the first post on the Humans of Children's Education Foundation.
Our first human is Duong, and this is translated by Thuy Tran:
"I live in a poor mountainous area of Quang Nam and study at a high school downtown. I go to school with my friends by bicycle twice a day, in the morning for the main classes, and in the afternoon for the compulsory tuition sessions. It usually takes me thirty minutes from home to school if I ride as fast as I can, or forty-five minutes if I ride more slowly. By talking to my friends on the way, I feel the trip to school is much shorter. I also enjoy going to school by bike as I have a chance to do exercise and it’s good for my health. Since my brother went to university two years ago, he left his bike for me to use. I really like it as is both cool and in good condition. It hasn’t broken down at all since I started using it, so I haven’t been late for school. "

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