Tuesday, June 2, 2015

About CEF's Thai Binh families ~ Guest blog by Kim Chi

The first time I went to our northern project in Thai Binh Province where we help poor farming families’ children to go to school, I was touched by how very hard-working and sweet they were.
The only work they can do in this area is farming. They are used to getting early in the morning to go to their farm and work all day, except for having lunch at home.

The scenery is very peaceful and beautiful but the weather is very harsh. The harvest often fails because of the weather and insects. They also raise pigs, fish, ducks and chickens but they often die because of different epidemics that affect them.

There are some sewing factories in the province, but they pay a very low salary, especially to the children who only finished grade 8 or 9. The children don’t have many choices, as there is only farming work and work in the sewing factories. Therefore, we want to help them finish their education in order to have a better future with a lot of choices.
In this area 88% percent of the CEF children are ‘good’ students. Some of the children who we have helped have graduated and have jobs already.

The cost to go to this area is very high for us, so we are seeking a volunteer to help in the area so we can continue to help them at lower cost to CEF. We hope we can continue helping the children for a few more years until they have all finished their high school education.

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