Monday, June 22, 2015

About our recent Social Work training ~ Guest blog by Thuy

Working with children and their families is not always easy, especially with the vulnerable children. Sometimes, we see their problems and we really want to help them but we don’t know how to help because of many difficulties. Some difficulties are that we don't have enough knowledge and skills to solve their problems, we don’t get the co-operation we need from the children and their families, and we don't live near many of the CEF children. We only have our experiences of working for NGO's.

Miriam, our volunteer social work trainer with all of the staff at CEF

Therefore, we used to wish that we could have a chance to study about Social Work. Fortunately, CEF has a professional social work volunteer – Ms. Miriam and she was able to train us for than a month.

It was the first time that all CEF girls joined in on social work classes. We were very excited. Our teacher, Miriam is very nice and friendly. She has many years experience  of working with vulnerable people, including children. She started with some theory lessons and then applied that to some real CEF cases which we didn’t know how to solve.

From the information we provided about some of the children, she taught us how to analyze their attitude, their feelings, their problems and factors affecting them, Then she guided us to find some solutions that we can use.

We then discussed and found the suitable solutions for the children we discussed. Miriam also told us that sometimes, we may not find a solution for some difficult cases. However, at least we can try our best to help them. She also shared with us her experiences of working with many kinds of vulnerable children. Her lessons were not only interesting, but also very useful.

Miriam with two of us (Kim Chi & me, Thuy

We know that we are not social workers but this knowledge is very helpful for us. We enjoyed learning about it very much and we believe that we can use it in our work to help our children. Thank you very much, Miriam!

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