Saturday, June 20, 2015

'Social Work Practice in Action' sessions with CEF staff ~ Guest blog by Miriam

I am very pleased that I have once again been able to connect with CEF here in Vietnam. I have been a supporter of CEF for many years and this year I have had the pleasure of training the three full time staff; Kim Chi, Thuy and Ngoc. We have been looking at ‘Social Work Practice in Action’.

Miriam with all staff at an evening session on some CEF cases 

These competent young women already use many ideas from ‘Social Work Practice’, which is very difficult here in VN where there aren't the support services to refer families to. In this case the CEF staff have to become all things to all people. This could become overwhelming for them so we are also looking at ways for them to care for themselves, and learn to avoid over involvement.

We have also looked at and discussed abuse. As cultural differences make this training a challenge for the trainer, one can only imagine the challenges for the staff.

I have enjoyed this opportunity, mostly because these three full time staff are so keen to learn and are open-minded.

Keep up the good work Linda and all at CEF; you really give so many girls the chance to move out of poverty and avoid being trafficked. Never forget what a vital role you play in the lives of these children.

Miriam with Kim Chi and Thuy and the beautiful scarf from all the staff

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