Tuesday, June 2, 2015

About the CEF families in Quang Nam I work with ~ Guest blog by Kim Chi

I am responsible for the Mountainous and Tam Ky and Nui Thanh areas where many poor CEF families live.

Although they are disadvantaged they are honest, lovely and friendly. The rural areas are beautiful but there isn’t much work. Some of them have land and grow rice, some are workers who are hired to plant trees in forest and receive a very low income, and others are construction laborers or garbage collectors. However with most of these they can only work in the dry season.

The children go to school half of the day and help their parents with farming or some other chores to reduce their parents’ work. They work really hard at school to make their parents happy and also they know they will have a better future if they are educated.

I don’t have many challenges when working with the children as they are very obedient, hard-working, and honest. Eighty percent of children are ‘good’ students which we are very happy about. We will increase the number of children we will help in these areas in next school year (2015-2016) as the applicants are good students too. CEF plans to increase the numbers of children in remote areas as long as they are good students, honest and hard-working.

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