Saturday, June 13, 2015

Poverty can be the inspiration to be a successful student ~ Guest blog by Thuy

Hoi An is a popular and interesting destination for tourists. Thanks to tourism development the income of many local citizens has increased. However there are still many disadvantaged families in the countryside around Hoi An where many of the CEF children live.

Although each child has a difficult background, such as being an orphan, or a poor child with a single or sick parent, they all enjoy going to school and trying their best.

More than 80% of CEF’s children who live in and around Hoi An had a ‘good’ or ‘fair’ school result this year. Some of children are at the top of their class, even top of their school. They are not only good students at school, but also good children at home. They often help the family to do the housework, like cooking, washing, cleaning and looking after their younger siblings or grandparents.

I still remember talking to a girl who has been supported by CEF for three years and who graduates this month, about how she was able to make such great efforts and such change from being an average high school student to one of the best college students in her class. She said her mother has been the great motivation for her. Because of their poverty her mother had to work very hard all the time even though her health was not good enough to work, take care of her children, and her mentally ill brother. The girl could feel how hard her mother worked when she helped her to do the farming.

This girl intended stopping her studies after graduating from high school because she didn’t want to be a burden to her mother, although she loved receiving an education. But with the support from CEF she was able to continue her education and tried her best to get a useful qualification in order to get a good job after graduating and to then be in a position to help her family in the future.

It can’t be denied that poverty affects students’ success, but it sometimes becomes a great motivation for them to overcome their difficulties.

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