Thursday, June 30, 2016

A scholarship is needed for this young lady ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

CEF's main aim is to help ethnic girls in Phuoc Son district; however, after our last survey we found it worth helping the Kinh girls as well because most of them in this district are very poor too. Ethnic students receive some support from the government, such as free accommodation and two meals a day, but that does not keep them in school, therefore this program was started to help them complete high school. The Kinh girls do not get accommodation or food support. 
This girl is not from an ethnic background, but she needs help. She will be in grade 11 in the next school year. Hardly had her father passed away when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Because of no home and no money, both this student and her youngest sister have to stay with a rude un-supportive friend of their mother's who treats them badly and forces them to do a lot of housework, which doesn't allow them to have much study time. Their mother lives in a small cottage to sell vegetables and earns US$0.25c a day. 
Although she has her time taken from her by the people she stays with she still studies whenever she can. Her average mark was 7.0/10 for this academic year, that is the fruit of her efforts. No matter how unfortunate she is, she still keeps her passion and desire for tertiary education and that motivates her to earn money, from a part time job in her summer holidays, allowing her to buy study materials and attend extra tuition classes. 
Becoming a lawyer who protects justice is not only her dream but also the last wonderful gift that she wants to give her mother in her last moments. We sincerely hope that she will be supported to have the opportunity to give this last big gift to her mother – becoming a lawyer.
US$150 scholarship is needed for this year and for next year to help her complete high school. 
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