Saturday, June 25, 2016

About the importance of using good quality sanitary towels ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Kim Chi

Helping girls with their education is very important because they will have a greater future if they are educated, but it is also important to have good health.

During our life, there are many causes to make us sick. If children are sick they can’t attend school and then their results decrease and they can’t catch up their friends. This is one of reasons why CEF gives our children medical support.

Since I moved back to live in my hometown which is in a rural area, I have become aware of one of the reasons that causes poor health and makes some teenage girls miss school. Due to the expense girls from poor families use poor quality sanitary towel which cost 30% - 40% less compared to good quality ones. ‘They will get allergies, vaginal mycosis or even infertility if they use the poor quality pads for a long time’, Obstetrician Le Thi Kim Dung from the Department of Obstetrics, Thai Ha Center of Health and Labor said. (Vietnamese article link: )

A W.H.O. report also indicates that about 62% of women’s gynecological infections occurring during menstruation are due to poor quality sanitary pads. ( )

Poor girls, have to accept poor quality sanitary pads because they can’t afford good expensive ones. My concern is how we can help CEF’s girls to get quality sanitary towels to protect them against diseases. At the present price it is only USD$19 a year to give good sanitary pads to a girl, but it costs quite a lot of money to give them to all CEF’s girls.  We hope someone would like to support us to help some of the children receive good quality sanitary towels.

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