Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Letter of a CEF student to her sponsor about Water Safety Day

This is part of a sweet letter of one of our CEF students who wrote to her sponsor about Water Safety Day.
Everyone faces challenges in their life and we have to find a way to escape and there are some unexpected things that sometimes happen that we never expect. My family was in that situation and I would call it fate. I am telling you about when I met Linda who came to visit the pagoda where I usually went to pray. Since we met, I always consider her as my second mother, she has not only helped us educationally but also motivated us by her kind heart. 
Linda and the CEF staff have organized many good activities for us to participate in. I had my first experience about the beach and CEF’s Water Safety Day. I was very anxious the first time because there were many people there including westerners who I had never met before. However, I felt much more relaxed after the first theory lesson of water safety. The feeling of worry completely disappeared when I joined in on the games and swimming lessons guided by the teachers and foreigners. It was a best time in my summer.

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