Thursday, June 30, 2016

This young lady yearns to be educated and have a worthwhile future ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Ngoc

I am impressed with this ethnic girl as she is very determined and realistic about her life. Being born into a poor crowded family, she is aware of her family circumstances so she knows the importance of being successful in the future in order to escape from poverty.

Her mother had many children and now lives with her two alcoholic sons and her. The others are married and live far from home and none can help with finances or with the farming.

She burst into tears when telling me about her mother and her family. Her mother is not healthy or young enough to work hard on farm; however, this is the only way that she can earn some money as well as have rice for the family.

She sometimes helps with domestic chores or farming when she has free time, while her 2 brothers hardly ever do anything. They evidently are only interested in drinking and getting drunk. Therefore, this situation has made her strongly feel that she has to be well educated. She had a dream of being a doctor when she was a child. However, it seems impossible for her to study Medicine because of her financial situation and her ability is not being quite good enough. Although she is a 'good' student, she is going to be a nurse first and then study to a higher level to be a doctor if possible. The other option she is considering is to be a chemistry teacher because she loves chemistry.

This is her last year in high school so she will make efforts to attain good results. She believes in herself; that she can be a good and helpful person in society and for her family. Hopefully, CEF can find a someone to take on her scholarship of US$150, someone who is willing to encourage and support her to accomplish her dream of a better future.

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