Friday, June 10, 2016

About discrimination of children with HIV ~ Guest blog written by CEF's Ms Thuy

Last Friday, I went to visit three poor families with HIV girls which were introduced by VNHIP, a health care NGO. The trip made me realize the importance of providing HIV education to people.
Some people who have university education don’t know have any HIV knowledge and still have strong discrimination against HIV people, even children. It’s sad that some schools, teachers and parents of other students don’t want children with HIV studying in their schools. Many HIV children can’t go to school even though they love studying like other children. It’s a reason why some parents of HIV children decide not to tell others that their children have HIV.

All three little girls I met are very lovely and friendly. Two of them study very well at school and enjoy going to school very much while the other has quite bad school results and doesn’t want to go to school. She’s also the one I was left with a very strong impression of. She is also a nice little girls and an orphan and has lived with her grandfather in a small house in a remote mountainous area since she started grade 1. Because in the past she moved to many places with her mother, she didn’t join in on any kindergarten classes before going to primary school. That’s the reason why she can’t catch up with education like other students. Unfortunately her grandfather is too old to help her with her studies. All people know that she has HIV, so they don’t want to be close to her as well and treat her badly, even her teachers and classmates. According to her, her friends often make fun of her, fight with her and her teachers don’t care about the bad attitude of her classmates to her. Although her grandfather talked to her classmates’ families, they still don’t change their behavior. She is too young to know what HIV is but she feels how unfairly people treat her. She doesn’t want to go to school at all. Her grandfather always has to persuade her go to school every morning. Summer is a great time to her because she doesn’t need to go to school and has chance to join some out-door activities with other HIV children that VNHIP helps.

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