Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Marjorie is visiting Hoi An, CEF and the children and families

Marjorie arrived last week from New York and has been busy since she recovered from the worst of the jetlag. Marjorie has taken on an editing role for CEF to edit some of the translated work the staff have done.

Marjorie came to the new office and met the staff which she enjoyed. 

She went on local home visits on the back on Thuy's motorbike and found the experience of being on the motorbike exhilarating, the home visits interesting and sometimes upsetting. 

She met with the girl she sponsors as well as the mother. She was thrilled to meet them as her student is a lovely girl as well as a hard-working and clever student. Mum is a loving, caring, thoughtful and responsible mother. 

Marjorie with Trinh and her mother. 

Marjorie is at present out on her last day of home visits in Duy Xuyen, a district adjacent to Hoi An and will be visiting 13 children today that are in our sponsorship program.

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