Monday, March 26, 2018

Some of the CEF children we visited yesterday to do updates

 She's a happy, bubbly, hard-working young lady. Our concern with her is that she is alone at home a lot. Yesterday we checked she understood the recent talk on child sexual abuse and asked mum to make sure that she was not left alone at night time particularly.

One of the twins. Our concern is that she isn't spending as much time as she should on homework at this stage in her education. She plans to increase her home work time. 

She hasn't thought enough about what next. School is coming to an end soon and yet she hasn't thought about her future and what career interests her, or what she would love to study.  She plans to do some research soon and then discuss her findings with our staff.  

She's in her first year of university and the change from a quiet country life to her university life in a large city has been quite a dramatic change and she feels that she is just now adjusting and will be able to concentrate more on her studies. 

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