Friday, March 30, 2018

What makes me happy at work ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Thuy Tran

At work, I always feel very happy and grateful when I see the improvements that our students are making in both their studies and their life skills. It makes me believe that a better future is waiting for them and it is also what I am looking for. Chien, a 2nd year ethnic minority student in our program, is an example. Her dream is to be a teacher to help others in her mountainous village. In her family her mother is windowed and has seven children. I still remember our first meeting when she was in grade 11 and she was very quiet and shy then. With CEF’s support and her efforts, she became the first child in her family to go to university. At the beginning of her university studies, she found it very challenging to keep up with the other students, so she studied much more and got better results each term. She shares with us about her life more now and asks for help when she has challenges. I am very happy to see her coming out of her shell and now helping other CEF ethnic minority students because of her experience.

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