Wednesday, March 28, 2018

About home visits ~ Guest blog by Graeme, CEF's Australia manager, in Vietnam at present

One of the aspects of work here in Viet Nam that I enjoy most is visiting families in their homes. Every home is different from the simplest ramshackle one room house on the outskirts of town to that sheltering a large family, surrounded by rice fields with mountains in the distance and dogs, cats and hens running freely in the living room. Tiled floors, mud floors, windows or holes in the wall, rusty corrugated iron roofs and moss covered weathered tiles. We spend time sitting with the child’s mother or father, granny, grandad or aunt asking how they are, how the rice harvest was or how their health is and talking with the child about school, their holidays, what they are enjoying and what they are struggling with. On most visits something happens that, in some way or other, reveals that knowing their girl or boy will finish school has made life for the family a little easier, a known among all the uncertainty they face.

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