Sunday, March 18, 2018

Some CEF staff photos from home visits today of children in our sponsorship program

Hien has spent most of her childhood so far living with granny and granddad as she wasn't 'allowed' to live with her mother and new stepfather. When he died she moved back home and is thrilled to be living with her mother again.

Thuy's father died recently and mum is struggling to support her and her older sister. She farms and makes shoes for a show factory.  

Thuong's father died and mum is challenged to support and her older brother with her meagre income from travelling around her community by bike and selling vegetables that she grows.

Mum who is a builders labourer most of the time works to support her two daughters and son. It's a hard way for her to support herself, the three children and granny as well.

Dad is supporting her as well as her younger brother and older sister. He tries to find jobs that give him enough to support them, but they usually mean he is not home at night. He worries about the girls when he is not there, but the day time jobs don't give him enough income. 

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