Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phuong now has help to complete her schooling

A child's life can change just with a little money. Funds from two raffles can even change a child's future!

Since November 2010, examiners who work on the IELTS test at UTS have been supporting CEF's work twice a month when they examine on Saturdays.

On two Saturdays this year they have held a bottle raffle (champagne, vodka and wine). These raffles have raised $260, which has meant that a young girl, Phuong, is now able to complete her last year of school.

Phuong's father died of cancer five years ago. Her mother was born with many health problems, including being born with no hair. She has ongoing poor health, but when well enough grows rice and works as a laborer. She doesn't earn enough to care for her children and pay family expenses, let alone send them to school.

In May this year, the mother sent Phuong's younger sister to a pagoda 10 kilometers away to be looked after because she couldn’t afford to raise both of them. Huynh her sister, is now a novice Buddhist nun.

Phuong wasn't going to be able to go back to school and complete her education. The plan was for her to work in the home and on the small farm. She now will be able to do grade 12. She has a keen interest in fashion and design and would like to study in this field after she finishes school. She is very enthusiastic about her interest and is a lovely, dynamic girl.

These funds raised through the raffles have made it possible for Phuong to have a sponsorship and finish her education. They not only will pay her education fees, but will also provide her with school uniforms, school books, notebooks, stationery, school insurance, extra tuition and a raincoat and food as well, since the mother can't afford to buy much food.

Thanks so much to those who generously donated the bottles and to all those who bought the raffle tickets. You all have changed a girls future!

The response has been just fantastic so they are planning to continue to have raffles! I can dream....but maybe those forthcoming funds from the raffles can help pay for Phuong's future studies.....

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