Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Two more places at STEC for our children

Four places for our children to study English at this wonderful new English language facility was certainly a blessing. The four of them are loving their classes and had more confidence when I went to their homes on Saturday. They have only had six classes but they greeted me clearly and confidently upon arrival.

Now two more of our children have received places at STEC! Phuong and Anh Thu are thrilled to have the opportunity to study English for a year.

With the help of a translator Phuong, who is nine, said she could help her mother earn more money if she spoke English. They are very poor and live in a temporary shack while they continue the long wait for land from the government. When asked what her biggest wish was, the very biggest she could think of, she said that she wished her parents would live a long time.

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