Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visit from Lien

Has anyone guessed what Lien drew when she came to visit earlier today? Need a clue? Two clues: The seeds are edible and the color Lien used is pretty close to the real seeds. Ok I know you give up. It's a lotus plant with many seeds in the head and clearly has lost all its leaves.

Lien is a little nun. Her four year old brother is dying of cancer, the mother is trying to care for her dying sibling and her father has left them. She now lives in a pagoda where she is well cared for. She hasn't been there long and is still a little undernourished, but is happy there and putting on weight.

She needs a sponsor to help her receive a full education. Even when a child becomes a nun the pagodas try to find help for them to receive a full education as nuns are valuable members of society, with them assisting the poor to get help, and working in the community as untrained and unpaid social workers and therapists. Quite a few become teachers. The more education they have, the more useful they are to their community and hopefully better nuns too for having that extra education and life experience. Those who can get the financial support go to university.

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