Monday, February 13, 2012

Kieu and Vi both are now sponsored

Last night I met Pam, Wayne and Drew as they really wanted to sponsor a girl; to help her have an education. When we met they not only decided to sponsor Vi (Photo of Vi on the left at the CEF office), but they also wanted to sponsor another girl, Kieu. Drew is 16 and Kieu is 16 so Drew is sponsoring her himself. I was very touched by this decision on Drew's part. They will get to meet both girls on Saturday at the CEF office.

An education for these girls would not be possible without help. Kieu's mother has poor health, works very hard as a rice farmer and makes straw mats when not farming. She still can't earn enough to support and educate her two remaining girls at home. Thuy is sponsored and now Kieu is. This is very good news. Vi's father has terminal cancer. Her mother struggles to make a living selling fruit at the market. Vi's father's medical bills are large and the priority naturally has been trying to get him treatment in the hope of helping him to suffer less and live longer.

They then told me they would like to help more and donated to the food fund and the medical fund! These two funds are new and so this was very helpful. We have found we need to help some of the children with medical issues and some are malnourished and need supplementation as well as more food.

I was overwhelmed by their generosity and thoughtfulness. So many blessings all in one evening!

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