Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miriam our volunteer social worker and family therapist is leaving Vietnam

Miriam is returning to Australia for an unknown period; she hopes to return. Over her remaining weeks she will have an opportunity to visit most of the children to say her goodbyes for now. They will be sad to see her go.

Over her time here she has gotten to know most of the children and has helped give advice on some of the more challenging cases. She also has had sensitive talks with elderly and sick relatives about 'what might happen if you are not very well'. How else does one sensitively ask 'what will happen when you die'? She has spent quite a lot of time with one of the ill mothers of a very sweet family which has been very helpful for both the mother and the family.

Miriam was a great help at our summer beach outing for the Quang Nam children too and had a lot of fun herself! She has also managed to raise funds and find sponsors for many of the children which has been a huge blessing. Miriam also sponsors a lovely girl whose single mother is a garbage collector.

Her caring nature has meant that many of the children and parents are very fond of her as she is warm and affectionate and humorous even without much Vietnamese. She has made many contributions to CEF in many different ways. We have all been fortunate to have her heart and help over her stay here.

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