Sunday, February 12, 2012

One of the nuns we work with

We were discussing the technique a nun we started working with recently has for getting us to help children. She starts with bowing and saying "very very sorry Linda". I now know she has children she wants us to meet and help when she starts sentences like that. She managed to introduce 22 children in 3 months to us by using her powerful nun technique! They were all children that sincerely needed help.

I asked her why she became a nun. She said that at 7 she could see that people really didn't love each other; that they didn't show unconditional love and that they lied to each other. She saw that her society was filled with lies. There was nothing appealing about life in the world. She had never had anything traumatic or terrible happen in her life; it was just what she could see from a young age, naturally she became a nun at a young age.

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