Saturday, February 4, 2012

Three children were sponsored today

Ngoc Xy, Huynh Thuong and Phuong Thieu were sponsored today thanks to their new sponsors. I met Mandy recently and she said she wanted to sponsor and thought friends would like to as well. Four days later these three children were sponsored; thanks Mandy for that worthwhile action!

Ngoc Xy (pink scarf)lives locally with her single mother, who can't afford her education as well as rental and living costs although she works full time. There is a lot of employment available in Hoi An but the cost of living here is high.

She has been given free accommodation and food from a kind friend for many years now, but she has been worried about how she can ever move out and fend for herself.Her income will now be freed up to rehouse them. We hope life will look brighter with Xy's education costs being paid for.

She also hopes that once she has a small place of her own she may be able to have her son come back to live with her; she had to give him up when she moved to her friends home as she could neither afford to care for or educate him and it was too cramped with her and her two children living there.

Huynh Thuong (brown clothes)lives with her parents but both have poor health and aren't able to work physically hard. They grow enough food to feed themselves but there isn't enough income to educate Huynh Thuong. She is very bright and therefore we are thrilled that she will have support to get through school due to her sponsor.

Phuong Thieu (orange vest)lives in the mountains in an isolated area about 2 hours away. When we met them they were living in a leaking shack. There is almost no employment there and consequently his single mother, who has seasonal employment and an unreliable income finds it hard to make ends meet let alone educate Thieu who is a bright child. He now will have an education!

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