Friday, July 10, 2015

Budgeting lesson for some of CEF's tertiary students ~ Guest blog by Kim Chi

The budgeting session this afternoon for the CEF tertiary students went very well and it was exciting to do this for them and with them. I taught them at CEF’s home office and there were only six students because the others live too far away to be able to get here. They were very serious about the session and listened carefully. 
At the beginning they didn’t even know what budgeting was. But after half an hour of working on questions and answers they understood what budgeting was about and how important it was and why they needed to do know how to budget. They then made budgets for themselves and shared them with each other.

It was quite easy for some of them to do a budget in theory, but in fact there are many changing aspects in life which they can't know in advance. I explained to them how to make their budget more realistic by looking at it sometimes and altering it if there has been something normal (such as flu) or something dramatic (like a death in the family)  happen to them, as this makes their budget change. 
The budget is not only to help them to make plans for paying their education fees, but it is also very useful for their life. I was very pleased with our tertiary students’ attitude about the budgeting session, as well as being very happy to share with them about my real life experience of budgeting.

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