Friday, July 17, 2015

Please See Children's Education Foundation's New Website

Our CEF website was very old and needed updating. I didn't have the knowledge or skills to do this work. CEF now has a completely new website to keep everyone abreast of our work here in Vietnam.

Two wonderful new friends encouraged me to take on the challenge of creating a new site.  Liat and Ziv very kindly showed me a website package and taught me how to use the tools so I could create a simple website that I could maintain.

Their knowledge and support has been hugely appreciated and I certainly would never have had the confidence to taken on this task without it. The website will be easy for me to maintain and I will be able to keep our donors, sponsors and supporters up to date with our work.

The link to the website is:

Please read about our work and we hope you will join us in our efforts to help impoverished and vulnerable Vietnamese girls to stay in school and complete their education.


Linda Burn
Founding Director and In-Country Manager - Vietnam
Children's Education Foundation

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