Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lack of education affects all aspects of ones life

I see very clearly here in Vietnam how the lack of an education affects all aspects of the families lives. This is an example of a CEF family I was thinking about today.

The father has had health issues since we first met him. I can't seem to find out what is wrong, what his health issues are, but there is always something wrong with him and they never know anything except the symptoms.

When we first met him it was his eyes; he had some rice grass stuck in one eye and it needed removing, then it got infected because he didn't follow the doctors instructions. Then they thought he had some brain problem, but what problem they didn't know. Now he has some bleeding from his nose sometimes and he has asthma now too. He has seen the doctor and is on medications. His health is deteriorating.

Why I bring up his case is he and his wife never really know what is wrong with him; they can only tell us the symptoms. They see a doctor and take the drugs; they don't ask questions, they don't ask to for a second opinion, or ask to see a specialist.

One of the advantages of being educated, is it brings about a yearning for knowledge and for answers to questions. Without an education you believe what you are told and don't ask questions. I know this is a generalization, but it is what I see here again and again with the families where the parents aren't educated. I see it is very dis-empowering for them and leaves them in a state of ignorance.

It brought it home to me that we who are educated take so much for granted. We are so blessed beyond description; we have the ability to lead intelligent, healthy, wholesome, empowered lives. The choice is ours, but without an education choices are highly limited and it affects all aspects of our lives . 

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