Thursday, July 16, 2015

Challenges in Learning English ~ Guest blog by Thuy, who is one of our university students and also part-time CEF staff

I’ve been learning English at university in my local province for 3 years. Although I’m keen on English, there are many challenges to master the language. 

While my major at university is English, I hardly communicate with English-speaking foreigners. I study lots of new English vocabulary but I have little chance to practice it. Also, since I rarely practice my English with native speakers, I feel nervous and scared to be wrong.

Fortunately, CEF has not only supported my education but also given me access to an English environment. Sometimes, I have a home visit trip with Linda and CEF staff. This is a good chance to communicate with Linda. Also I must write reports in English about the home visits.

And in this summer, I have been learning English with a volunteer (Mai-Thi) who is from the US. She is friendly and enthusiastic. She helps me improve my pronunciation skills.

I would like CEF to have more English volunteers so that the university students of CEF, like myself, have the opportunity to communicate in English. This would help improve listening skills and speaking skills as well as increase my confidence in English. 

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