Friday, October 14, 2016

A CEF student shares about her first two weeks of university ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Thuy

This is from a new CEF university student who is in her first year at Hue Medical and Pharmaceutical University about her first two weeks in Hue where she studies.

‘‘I already have been in Hue two weeks and started to go to university last week. In my first days in Hue, I felt very sad and missed home so much. Luckily, I stayed with my older sister in a rented room. She is a good sister as well as a good student. She often talks to me and gives me much good advice. We take turns to cook. We often call home to ask after our father and younger brother. Thanks to that, I now feel better and more familiar with student life here in Hue. Fortunately my university is quite close to my place as I go to school on my sister’s bicycle. There is a sophomore, who studies in my department at university, and lives next to my room. He is very kind and lent me his old documents and books from last year.

On the first day of university I was quite surprised to find it wasn’t like I imagined, as the university syllabus is so different from the school one. The lecturers teach very fast and seem not to care much about their students. Therefore, I have to spend much more time reading and going over the lessons at home. When I have difficult lessons, I can’t ask for help or get explanations from the teachers like I did when I was in high school, so I do a lot of reading and studying until I get it.

Now, I am already acquainted with the syllabus. I have made friends with many new students and I feel more excited to go to my lessons now. Besides concentrating on my studies, I also want to be an involved student joining in on many activities, such as attending the: ‘Welcome freshman to university’ event, and by donating blood. I am also planning to find a part time job to contribute to my living costs here as well as to have life experience. Of course, the most importance thing is my studies and I promise that I will try my best to get good school results.”

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