Friday, October 7, 2016

'Days for Girls' gift to CEF ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Thuy

Maybe some of you have already watched the news about the ‘Fake sanitary pads in Vietnam’ on television or seen articles in the newspapers. These fake pads are very dangerous and harmful to women’s health and why they sell successfully is because they are extremely cheap. Not all people know about this basic knowledge. These fake and bad goods normally are delivered and sold in the remote rural areas, mountainous areas where people are poor, aren’t educated much and prefer to save money and therefore buy cheap pads. Educating people is the best solution, but will they use the good ones if they don’t have enough money or will the retailers only sell the cheap ones? What will be best for them in the short term?

On Thursday, CEF was so lucky to welcome Ms. Sarah and her daughter, from ‘Days for Girls’ organization. On this visit, these lovely ladies brought 62 handmade sanitary towel kits for our minority / ethnic high school girls in the mountainous areas of Quang Nam. They not only taught us how to use them and care for them, but also explained everything in detail and answered all our related questions.

We are very excited and looking forward to transferring this useful information as well as bringing these kits to our students in our next trip to them.

Thank you very much to Sarah and her daughter and ‘Days for Girls’ for this generous and very useful gift and knowledge.

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