Thursday, October 20, 2016

Vietnam Women's Day

Today is Women's Day in Vietnam. From the Vietnamese females perspective, the men in their lives hopefully will be expressing their love and respect for them. It could be the boyfriend or the husband expressing his love to the important woman or women in his life. But it could also be business partners / or businesses expressing their respect and appreciation to the women in their lives. Sweet or kind words, words of appreciation, and sometimes little gifts or flowers may be given.

Also females too like to express their love and care for the special women in their lives; their mothers, siblings, work friends and good long term friends.

Originally it had a similar purpose, but more of a political connection. On this day in 1930 some women who were against imperialism created a group, which is now called The Vietnam Women's Union. It is not clear what they originally did, but these days this wonderful organization, or union, cares for and does a lot to support women to have equal rights, to be respected and to receive the support and help they need. This organization works throughout Viet Nam. The Communist Party of Vietnam decided that this day, was an important day, and that it was appropriate that each year  this should be the day to officially honour women.

It is also a day to remember the valuable role of women in Vietnamese society. We at CEF are very lucky to have a strong team of women who add value to our work, who care about the children, the sponsors and donors and want the best for all our children. The staff are like mothers too, they want the children to know they are cared for, that we all want the best for them, to guide them and support them into adulthood, but not to give them things on a platter or spoil them in the process.

Each of the staff are intelligent, strong and caring women and we are blessed to have each of them as an important, essential, valuable member of the CEF team.

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