Monday, October 10, 2016

About a recent CEF graduate ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Ngoc

As I have now been working for three years with many of the CEF children I have been observing changes in each child in the time I have been working with them. I have been left with a good impression of one of CEF’s high school graduates, Tra My, who received our help for around 5 years.

She lives with her disabled mother who almost earns nothing every day. They mainly live on support from the government and donations from a kind local lady.

Tra My dreamt of being a kindergarten teacher and she wanted to pursue that dream. However, when she got more mature, she understood her family situation and knew her mother cannot manage without her and could not contribute anything to support her while studying to be a kindergarten teacher.

Therefore, Tra My was struggling with this conflict of following her dream or helping her mother and working. Finally she chose her mother.

She knew that if she studied as a kindergarten teacher, her future would be brighter. However, during the period of study, no one would be able to look after her mother. Therefore, she made a decision to work for a shoe factory near her home. She also found out that at the moment the number of unemployed kindergarten teachers is really high. The risk of unemployment after her course was also a reason which made her think thoroughly about this.

She told me that in the past she never imagined she would go to high school and get the opportunity to graduate due to her challenging situation. Thanks to CEF and her sponsor, she had a chance to go through high school and graduate and now she can find a job easily after graduating from high school. She really appreciated the help she had and she is satisfied with her new job and her life with her mother at the moment. I hope she will have a comfortable and joyful life with her family.

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