Sunday, October 23, 2016

Modern day abuse via Facebook ~ Guest blog by CEF's Ms Vy

Nowadays, Facebook is used by many people, especially by young people. Facebook is the fastest way to get in touch with other people or to make new friends. Besides having a lot of positive effects, Facebook affects some young people in negative ways as Facebook encourages some young people, especially girls, to become the victims of dangerous situations and crimes unbeknown to them initially.

Being attracted to boys who are good-looking and have luxurious living conditions and lifestyle, girls so easily fall in love with them, even just after a very short time of getting to know each other. Some never even meet, but still can be under their influence. Certainly, these girls are caught in this love trap that their new evil boyfriends have created.

Consequently, some of girls end up with sexual transmitted diseases after a one night stand due to no protection. Some girls become victims of national or international human trafficking and very sadly some girls are murdered due to base purposes of those who these girls consider as their perfect boyfriends.

Every year in Viet Nam there are thousands of criminal cases with extremely serious levels of abuse occurring, related to Facebook, and most of the victims are girls.

So, what is the main reason for this issue? It is lack of awareness about these unscrupulous people and their ruthlessness, that is the answer for this question. If all the girls have a full education in many different aspects, including understanding the seedy side of Facebook, they will know how to avoid these awful situations, and how to protect themselves from being used and being involved in illegal activities.

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